Does it seem like your home will not stay warm not matter how much you run the furnace? Do you have cool spots by the windows? Are you using heavy drapes and keeping them shut just to try to keep warm indoors? You may be loosing a significant amount of heat through each of your windows if they are not made to be energy efficient. Window technology has advanced in the past decade. You can save money by having your windows replaced with energy efficient models.

How Much Money Can Be Saved by Replacing Dated Windows?

A 15% to 25% annual savings can be seen clearly on your energy bill by updating to more energy efficient windows throughout the home. Window glass manufacturer's have made advancements using the same technology that is used to sound-proof recording studios to weather-proof and sound-proof new windows. Double paned windows with a layer of gas in the middle will reduce most heat exchange between the exterior and exterior of your home.

Energy Saving Windows

You can Update Your Home's Exterior and Increase Indoor Light While Reducing Your Bills

Replacing windows with today's models will save you on energy costs and leave your home warmer in the winter, this is established. But there are so many perks of updating windows aside from energy savings. The windows on your home are comparable to a bright pretty smile on a person. A clean healthy smile conveys confidence and puts forward a great first impression. A dirty can take away from an otherwise attractive appearance. Does your home have a dirty or outdate "smile"?

We have a variety of stylish options for upgrading your windows in St Paul.

Heat Loss Window

You can browse our selection of double hung, sliding, bay, bow, casement, egress, and glass block windows to fit any style in any room of your home. After deciding which window style is best for your home, a fast and efficient window installation can save your family significantly on energy costs while improving the overall appearance of your home.

We also do shutters in your choice of colors if you want the upgrade in appearance and added security. Browse through our selection of services and window styles to get an idea of how you would like your home to look when we are done.

Let the natural light in, and have a more pleasant winter.

The winter blues is associated with a reduction of sunshine and natural light. Increasing the light in your home through cleaner, larger windows can improve winter moods drastically. A light colored layer of paint to reflect the additional light can make your home bright an cheery any time of the year. Add some indoor plants by the windows and you may forget it is freezing outdoors. We can schedule your window installation anytime of the year, however to save money it is a good idea to replace old windows and start the energy savings before the cold sets in in St Paul. Schedule your appointment soon and your home will be made over from the outside before holiday company arrives.

Contact us to discuss your window replacement plans. We offer a free in-home, no-obligation demonstration to discover why we are the largest window replacement company in the United States with great reviews from our satisfied customers. Call Window World today to upgrade your windows and downgrade your energy cost before the holidays. Ask about our insulation services and other home energy efficiency upgrades.


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