As homes age, it is typical for them to require spot cleaning and complete pressure washing as part of an ongoing maintenance program to keep them looking their finest. Every so often, they need a new paint job and repairs to the outer sheathing. Gutters need to be cleaned and occasionally straightened to assure proper runoff of rainwater. A solution is to apply vinyl siding as a covering on older homes or as a design choice with new homes. You may also consider a new gutter system with or without leaf guards as necessary to complete the makeover. Not only cosmetic in nature, these solutions can also increase the efficiency of your home by lowering ongoing maintenance costs and provide insulation that may lower your energy bills.

Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is a simple application that can refresh the appearance of your home. Absolutely weather proof, vinyl siding protects the outside of your home while providing a crisp and clean appearance. It is available in a variety of colors to suit the style of any home and taste of the homeowner. It is simple to clean after winter storms and during the spring pollen season by rinsing it with a power washer or in some cases just spraying it with a garden hose. Vinyl siding is further impervious to termites, carpenter ants, decay and rot. When applied properly, vinyl siding is one of the most durable and long lasting systems available for outer sheathing on your home.

Insulated Wall Systems
Insulated wall systems are composed of vinyl siding and an insulated backing. The backing provides extra r-value to the home, making it a perfect solution to homes in areas of extreme weather that may provide difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. It also provides extra support to the siding and prevents it from bending or breaking during extreme storms, thereby reducing potential repair costs. Insulated wall systems are a great way to add value, structure and appeal to the outside of your home.

Gutters are an integral part of a home and provide a first layer of drainage that allows you to direct rainwater where you want it to go instead of washing out the area directly around the house and potentially causing foundation damage over time. Gutters are also one of the common complaints about older homes as they become clogged and simply because they tend to wear out over time. Poorly functioning gutters sag and reduce the visual appeal of your home while not providing the drainage they were originally intended for. The weight of water retention simply increases the problem.

New gutters are available made from aluminum or vinyl to return the function and appearance of the system to new. Especially suitable for homes on wooded lots or located beneath shade trees, gutters with integrated leaf guards are exceptionally useful as they don’t require as much routine cleaning of built up debris that tends to wash into and clog them.

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