With the number of modern window options available, you may wonder which is best for your application. Whether purely functional and economic or highly decorative and elaborate, there is a window style to upgrade your home for efficiency or appearance. All windows come in a variety of standard and customized sizes and are available in a multitude of color options to suit the exterior design of any home.

Double Hung Windows
Double hung windows are the standard by which other windows are judged. Two panes of glass are filled with an inert gas to provide maximum insulation and efficiency for the home. They often include safety features that prevent them from being opened from outside even if a thief manages to pry the main lock apart. They also have a feature for ease that allows them to swing inward so you can clean them safely from inside the home.

Sliding Windows
Sliding windows can exceptionally useful on a south facing wall to allow in additional natural light. By using a horizontal rather than vertical orientation, they allow for more usefulness underneath with indoor wall space for furniture that doesn’t block the window. By sliding open lengthwise, they provide much of the same function as typical double hung windows in a variation in their ultimate configuration.

Bay Windows
Bay windows can provide an architectural detail and focal point to any room. The sheer size of a bay window allows natural sunlight into the room and can host an informal sitting area for reading or napping. In the rear of the house, bay windows provide a view of the yard so you can admire your landscaping or watch children at play. In the front of the home a bay window provides curb appeal with a touch of grace and class.

Egress Windows
Egress windows are specially designed to be easily removable from inside to provide an emergency exit in case of fire. Most local building codes require egress windows in a finished basement, especially if a guest bedroom is included as part of the layout. The can provide additional security in any side or back room that could potentially be cut off from the main exits in a worst case scenario of a fire breaking out.

Glass Block Windows
Glass block windows are also useful in a finished basement, as well as in a bathroom. They are set in concrete, sealed, and prevent water from leaking through. They allow for light transmission but don’t open, providing security for an area that needs a window but may not be the best place for a traditionally opening one.

Whether building a home, renovating an older house, or upgrading windows to suit your modern needs, consider what window styles are available in the modern market. There are always options, you don’t have to be limited to replacing an outdated window with a newer one of the same type. Be sure to discuss with your contractor what is available and commonly used in your situation.

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