Double hung windows have become the standard by which other are judged. They can serve as the typical basic window, or be built to more exacting standards to provide better than average quality. The value and efficiency of double hung windows is far superior to the older system which used a single pane window in conjunction with a secondary storm window for added insulation. Because the two panes of glass are integrated in a single unit, they cannot become misaligned allowing for drafts and cold spots to develop in the home.

What is a Double Hung Window?
The typical double hung window contains an upper and lower sash that can be slid up and down within the frame in which they are mounted. Each sash contain two panels of glass and the space between is filled with an inert gas to assure stability and provide a specified r-rating of insulation. Usually the windows are built from a vinyl covered steal outer frame and may include features such as security locks to prevent the window from being opened from outside or being able to tilt into the home for easy cleaning.

What to Look For
Not all double hung windows are built the same. Window World provides windows with a number of design aspects that give proven performance for years at price comparable to or better than the competitors.

The first aspect of a Window World product that you’ll likely never notice due to the window not breaking is the use of heavy-duty, double-strength glass. Further stability is achieved with a reinforced steel structure that has welded corners rather than mechanically bolted corners. This makes the window a structural part of your home rather than assembled parts installed in your house. Again, you’ll never be aware of this during normal use because it prevents problems rather than becoming problematic over time like lesser windows are prone to do.

Aspects of Window World products you will notice are latches that prevent the window from opening from outside to the point that a thief can climb in. You may also notice the precision finished corners that provide an air of class and detail to each room in your house. Window World uses 100% pure virgin vinyl which is able to provide a more crisp and consistent color than reground vinyl. One aspect of Window World you’re bound to notice is their professional and courteous service as demonstrated by a clean and well-maintained showroom along with representatives who take pride in their work and show up on time. The alternative is of course the fly-by-night contractor driving a truck that looks like it should have gone to the junkyard seven years ago.

With well made double hung, double pane windows you’ll likely never even notice that they simply look nice and continue to work well for years to come. Buy a cheap, second-rate window and you’ll notice it every day as you fight problems with it throughout the life of the window.

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