New windows can be fun and exciting as you update your home whether for cosmetic appeal or as needed for structural integrity with the home. Most houses were built on a budget and likely only had basic windows installed whereas the owner may want something more elaborate. Otherwise, in an older home, the windows may be broken, jammed, or simply not working properly. In either case, there are a few considerations to be thought about before choosing the new windows.


Types of Windows

In addition to the common double hung, double pane window, there are bay windows, block windows, casement windows, sliding glass windows and egress windows. Your choice can range from what fits in the existing window space or you can upgrade to change the appearance of the home. It depends on what you like and style of décor along with what will work best for the home.



The décor both inside and out of the house is largely focused by the windows as they form the lines of the home. The size and colors of the window, along with the light it allows in, can make it a focal point in a room inside the house. The exterior window colors can either match or contrast the rest of the home to provide visual curb appeal. A professional contractor who specializes in windows should be able to give you some ideas when preparing the bid and you can drive around taking note of houses you like and what systems they use.


Light or Ventilation

Windows provide both light and ventilation. The placement and purpose of the window is very important to picking one. Architecturally, for example west facing windows are a very sound idea because during sunset the glare can be hideous, the sun is too low in winter to provide natural heat through the glass. One way to address such an issue is to with shade trees on the west side of the house, another is to use a smaller window and plan to have elaborate covering inside. South facing windows, on the other hand, are great for bay windows or larger casement windows to allow in plenty of natural light.


North and east facing windows are important for ventilation if you use the natural breeze instead of air conditioning in the temperate months of spring and fall. Horizontal sliding windows and standard double hung windows work well as basic windows that allow for ventilation with lighting being a side consideration.



Security is of course a consideration with windows, as they are a common way for a criminal to break in. Window World windows have security measures that prevent them from being opened from outside even if you forget to lock them. They also have a safety aspect of tilting inside so you can clean them from the safety of your home instead of trying to climb a ladder or lean around bushes outside.

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