New windows are a great way to increase energy savings and increase your home's overall value and curb appeal. Once you make the decision to purchase new windows, be sure to invest in a professional window installation by qualified window installer. Up to 25% of your home's energy can be lost through the windows. Professionally installed modern windows is an investment that you will see a return on in the first year by looking at your energy bill.

A Professional Window Installation can Save you More Than You May Realize

Professional Window Installation

New windows with modern glass technology are great, but if they are not installed correctly you still run the risk of the area around the window allowing air transfer in and out of your home. Even the best new windows will not improve your energy efficiency if they are installed by someone who is not trained and experienced in properly installing windows in St Paul.

The costs of doing it yourself or hiring an inexperienced handyman as a windows installer may be much more than you realize. If a window is not perfectly installed air transfer can be the least of your worries. Water and snow can get into improperly installed windows, and the homeowner will not even realize it happened until a great deal of damage has occurred. Prevent any problems from improperly installed windows by hiring a pro the first time, and there will not have to be a second time.

Your new windows should be installed professionally to make sure that the area around the window itself is properly sealed. No air at all should be able to enter or escape from the area around a window. None. It should be as solid as any other part of the wall. If air can be exchanged, then you are losing out on the energy savings that your upgraded windows could bring. If air can be exchanged, then moisture can get in as well. This is the last thing any homeowner wants in their walls, because once mold grows it can be difficult to eradicate. A professional installation is the way you can make sure you are receiving all of the energy savings your new windows have to offer, and no moisture or air is able to get in through the exterior of your home.

Some Warranties Require Professional Installation

Some new window warranties require that a certified professional install your windows in order to be guaranteed. Check the warranties on you choice of window if you are considering doing the installation yourself to make sure that you are not voiding your warranty unintentionally.

Window World installs windows in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Our installers are experienced and highly trained to perfectly install all of our window options. You can have confidence when you go with the largest replacement company in the United States. Our customers often return to us for upgrades in other areas of their home after they see the professional five star quality of our work on their windows.

Contact us today to discuss your plans for new windows and schedule an appointment for your free in home estimate. We put our good reputation on the line every time we do a new job, and we make sure to do it perfectly. Not only does our good work benefit your home, it continues to establish us as the premier window source in the U.S.




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