Holiday season is quickly approaching, and if you are like so many other people, you have gift giving on your mind. If you are also like many other people, you have some people on your list that are more difficult to buy for than others. Make this holiday season the one that you give a gift that keeps giving long after the new year has passed. Give the gift of new windows and see the benefits add up year after year. 

1. New Windows Add Major Curb Appeal

When you think about adding curb appeal to your home, your mind probably drifts to new paint or adding siding to brighten up the exterior. Maybe you wonder if you should add some flowers and landscape your yard a bit more. Regardless of other steps that you take to increase the curb appeal of your home, having old, tired-looking windows that are worn and off their tracks will diminish those improvements you have made. 

2. Increase Energy Efficiency With New Windows

Many people make a New Year's resolution to save more money. Reducing their expenditures for energy can be a solid step in the right direction of accomplishing that goal. Old windows have a tendency to settle which could create gaps. While these gaps might not be noticeable at first, soon they will be obvious as it become necessary to adjust the thermostat in order to keep the temperature inside the home comfortable. Some gaps -- such as those around the area where the frame is set into the wall -- could be filled in with material designed for that purpose. In other cases, though gaps created by windows occur in between the sashes or in other places where it is nearly impossible to repair them. 

3. Make Care and Maintenance Easier

The older windows get, the more it seems to take to properly clean and maintain them. Vintage windows can become yellow with age while aging windows can be difficult to open and shut. As people get older, they can find it difficult to climb a ladder to wash their windows on a regular basis. For seniors, this can make it more likely that they can fall while they are trying to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible. 

Having new windows installed for your family or friends is the type of gift whose benefits keep giving for years to come. While it can seem like a hefty expense for just one person to gift, one option is to band together with your siblings or other family members to purchase new windows for your parents, grandparents or other relatives. It is the perfect way to give those loved ones who have everything something that is not only different, but highly useful and beautiful. 


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