If you’ve ever found particular problems with your windows, you should be aware there are as many solutions as there are nuisances when it comes to windows. Make no doubt about it, if you’re experiencing an inconvenience with a window other people have shared your frustration. Manufacturers have therefore designed different types of windows to address common problems so you can have the perfect home where you comfortably enjoy the bulk of your time on a daily and weekly basis.


Cleaning your windows can pose a number of problems according to the layout of your home and yard. The most common complaints about cleaning the outside of windows are having to either work around the shrubbery that surrounds your house or the dangerous aspect of trying to clean second story windows while balanced on a tall ladder. Other than those two complaints, it’s seldom fun to have to go outside during cold or inclement weather to clean windows. A simple solution has been introduced in which a release catch is removed from the inside of the window, allowing it to tilt into the room and be comfortably cleaned while remaining in your house.

Emergency Egress

According to the layout of a home along with the phrasing of local building codes, a way to escape from the house may be required should a fire occur and prevent access to the door. Even when code does not require emergency access, you may want to consider a specially designed egress window for a child’s room or back room which could potentially be blocked by fire. An emergency egress window provides the simple solution of being removable to allow a full and immediate exit. An additional benefit would be a safe way to leave the home should the horrible event of a home invasion occur, if storm debris blocks the door, or if the main door becomes irreparably stuck closed.

Revealing Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows can be embarrassingly revealing, especially at night or if neighbors live nearby with their own windows that overlook your home. Typically your bathroom windows may remain covered for the sake of privacy, but that can defeat the purpose of the window in the first place of allowing natural light to enter the room and lighten your mood. Glass block windows have been designed as a way to provide a translucent window that allows light in but is not penetrable by sight. You’ll really enjoy your baths with natural light coming in without the worries of a neighbor happening to glance at what you’re doing.


If you’ve ever experienced any of these or other nuisances concerning your windows, check with a local contractor who specializes in window design and installation such as Window World of Minnesota. There may be very simple solutions that you never would have thought existed with which the experienced contractor can offer to make your daily life more comfortable.

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