If you’re like most people, you bought your house based partially on its look but never really thought past that as to the proper functioning of the outer envelope of your home. However, the windows, siding, and doors can become damaged over time or misaligned as the house settles. It’s important to assure each is functioning properly and efficiently in order to keep your power bills as low as possible by keeping your inside air indoors and the outdoor weather outside.

Window Features

Not all windows are equal in their performance. A well made window is both a structural aspect to your home and an architectural detail that allows light into a room and allows a breeze when opened, yet seals the room when closed so you don’t heat the outside air in winter or cool the air outside during the heat of summer. Modern double pane windows are filled with a gas barrier to provide insulation for your home and are framed with either vinyl or wood. When properly installed the window forms a perfect seal with the surrounding framework and will not allow any passage of airflow to enter or escape the house.

Damaged Doors

Doors are typically used far more often than windows are opened and closed, and therefore can become out of alignment over time. A skilled handyman may be able to repair the door if it begins to develop a draft, but those types of repairs can only hold for a certain amount of time before the door is too far gone to be readily fixed. A new door is a good investment as it provides security and insulation to lower your electric or gas bill.

Old Siding

Like everything else that is left outside, weather can cause damage or wear down your siding over time. Whether you need replacement siding over an outdated style or have damage to newer vinyl siding, you may want to consider new siding for both appearance and efficiency. Not only will the new siding cover any storm damaged areas where the old siding was missing, but new technologies have been incorporated into vinyl siding to provide an R-value with insulation which will lower your utilities bills.

The best way to keep your utilities bills as low as possible is to keep up with regular maintenance to your home before it gets to the point where a major repair is needed. However, even with the best preventative maintenance everything eventually wears out and must be replaced. When the time comes, make sure to check with an expert professional who specializes in the type of repairs or upgrades you feel your home needs. Be sure to get several bids from locally known and trusted companies such as Window World of Minnesota so you can rest assured the work will be completed promptly and correctly to assure you get the full benefits of your new doors, windows and siding toward increasing your home’s efficiency.

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