Winter weather comes and you have to stay warm. Power bills go up, gas or oil if they happen to be your heat source, but you have to stay comfortable in order to call your house a home. Fortunately, there are ways to keep such bills minimal so not only is your home comfortable, but you can rest assured your bank account remains stable as well. Assuming your home is well insulated, windows are the most common factor in heat loss, followed closely by drafty doors that allow heat to leak out and cold winter weather to come in.

Winter Weather

Winter weather isn’t a surprise, it comes once every year. Twice, perhaps, if you count the end of one year and the beginning of the next. The way to deal with winter weather is to stay warm inside your home. You may have to go outside into the cold, but when you come back inside your home you expect it to be warm. Your walls, hopefully, are insulated and keep the heat inside. When there are gaps in the walls allowing drafts of cold air in while the air you paid to heat escapes, you’re paying more of a heating bill than you should. The main culprits of heat loss are your windows and doors. Assuring they keep your heat inside and the cold weather outside is imperative toward maintaining the comfort of your home.

Power Bill Savings Tips

Your power bill becomes exaggerated because of drafts and heat loss. There are ways to roll towels and cover your thresholds, or tape plastic onto the edges of your windows to prevent drafts. Those are only temporary fixes that don’t correct the problem and don’t keep out the cold. New windows and doors will form permanent defenses against the winter weather by keeping it out and keeping your warm air inside. An added benefit beyond keeping your power bills down is how you can improve the appearance and value of your home as an investment.

How Windows Affect You

Windows allow light into the home while providing a view of your lawn. Your house was designed with windows for a reason, and you need those windows in order to be comfortable in your home. However, windows are also a weak spot in your walls and therefore need maintenance, repair, and occasionally replacement. It is important to keep your windows sealed against the winter weather so the winter weather doesn’t cost more than it should.

Reputable Contractors

Like any other job your home may need toward improvement, it is important to find a reputable contractor to install new doors and windows. Windows are the most common cause of heat loss and excessive power bills, and the problem is easily remedied. Window World is happy to provide an estimate and work within your budget to replace windows or doors to improve the appearance of your home as well as to reduce your heating bill throughout the winter.

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