New windows provide cosmetic and structural value to your home. Old windows are notorious for being little more than a hole in your wall while new windows are well known to provide better insulation and reduce your bills of heating in winter or cooling in summer. Whether you live in a new or older home, there are times to consider new windows, understand why windows are well worth their value, and understand both practical and cosmetic features new windows offer.

When to Consider New Windows

The most obvious problem with older windows is when they have a noticeable draft. In the winter there is a slight cold breeze when you walk by the window, or in the summer your air conditioned cool air seems to get sucked out of the house through the window. Less noticed problems are simply when your heating bills are higher than they seem they should be. Even without a noticeable draft, windows are the most likely culprit if you’re losing indoor air and paying higher bills because of it. A third reason you may consider new windows is because the old ones simply look worn out. The cosmetic appeal of your home is important whether you plan to sell in the future or live there for years to come.

Why Windows are Worth Their Value

New windows are not very expensive in the overall scheme of what your home is worth and what you have to spend annually to own it. Consider how five dollars per month is sixty bucks per year as you consider power savings and money you waste due to inefficient windows. You may also want to discuss with your accountant and the contractor you hire whether your area offers tax discounts or government funded rebates for new windows as part of environmental laws or as a job creation package.

Practical New Windows

The practicality of new windows goes beyond the aspect of power savings offered by the new style of double pane windows and the insulation they provide. The fact that new windows function properly when you want to open them in the spring and summer or close them securely when the weather cools down will make your life easier. When it’s time to clean them, modern windows have a tilt feature which allows you to wash the outside within the comfort of your home. Security features prevent them from being pried open in the unfortunate event of a criminal trying to find their way inside your home.

Cosmetic Appeal of Windows

A final aspect of new windows is their cosmetic appeal. They can match the color scheme of your home without need to continually repair chipped or fading paint. New windows are a relatively easy way to improve the curb appeal of a house you own as an investment, helping to flip it quickly with an added appeal to potential buyers. If you plan to live in the home, the new windows will be just as attractive to you for the same reasons as they are to buyers in that they make the house look nicer.

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