When you walk in your house, you have expectations of it being comfortable and safe. The temperature is how you like it and the rooms are dry. Electric outlets work and doors aren’t a nuisance which swing open or shut when you aren’t holding them. It’s more than just four walls and a roof. The entire house is a well thought out design plan in which each piece serves a specific function to protect you and your personal possessions against the elements in the shelter of a home.


After the roof, your homes gutters are the next line of defense against rainwater runoff. Gutters are designed to direct the water where you want it so it can safely leave the vicinity across your rather than flood the basement or the area next to your house. When gutters are damaged, out of alignment or clogged, they can’t carry the water where it needs to go. When water overflows the gutters (or if you don’t have them) the water goes straight to the base of your house. As the water erodes the soil level, it allows future rainstorms to fill the area with puddles which eventually soak through the earth to damage your foundation.


Siding is much more than a cosmetic application on the outside of the house. It is part of the insulation of your home and it protects the under layers of your walls against the weather. Without siding, the particle board walls of your home would swell and rot in just a few years. If the siding is compromised it needs to be fixed quickly, if it is old enough to require constant repair work it may be a good idea to replace it before it causes a bigger problem.


Windows aren’t just your view of the world from inside your home. Properly designed and built modern windows are well insulated for energy savings and operate smoothly so you can raise and lower them as needed. They also can incorporate security measures which disallows them to be opened from outside for the safety of your family. There are a variety of window styles you should be aware of for the needs of each window according to their placement in the home.


Doors can be plain or fancy according to your design tastes. A front door is inviting to guests while impeding to potential intruders. The other doors provide options as to whether you prefer the advantages of sliding patio doors or the elegance of beautiful French doors. Modern doors have options which can allow them to swing open to the outside of the house if the interior space is more important. They can be wood, metal, or mostly glass according to your needs and preferences.

Consider how the parts of your house work together to form your perfect home. Take care of the house and it will take care of you for years to come. Be sure to check with a professional contractor when any of the features become damaged to have them quickly repaired or replaced.

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