When is window not just a window? Modern windows are so much more than their predecessors. Windows made today feature a lot of technology that makes them so much more than just a piece of glass to look out or slide open.

When glass was first used for windows, it was rare and expensive. Slowly it became the norm in upper class homes, it became standard in home in the past century. The glass used in the nineteenth century was simple to make, single paned and often had flaws that antique shoppers find valuable today. Single pane glass with no other features have been used for the past few decades. In the recent decade with the push to go green, conserve energy, and increase security, glass technology has advanced significantly making windows today superior to their counterparts of even just a few years ago.

Glass Technology

Quality windows today will come double paned. The extra layer of glass is not just about adding an extra layer for security, although it does end up serving that purpose. The extra layer is actually there to trap argon or krypton gas within the panes. This layer of gas keeps the heat exchange between indoors and out to a minimum. These gasses also serve as a sound barrier so homeowners today have even more privacy.

Many windows today block out UV rays by using low-emissive window glass to block out some of the suns harmful rays. Your Low-E windows will still light up a room when the blinds are open, but some of the harmful carpet fading rays will be stopped. This technology uses an invisible metallic coating on the glass to halt harmful rays. It also further reduces heat loss from the inside in the winter months.

Framing Technology

Window frames themselves conduct heat, so it is important that they are installed correctly using materials and designs tested in the lab in in test homes to be proven to reduce energy lost from the frame. The key to a significant reduction in heat transfer from window frames is the right formula of calking, weatherstripping, and exterior cladding to make the frames as secure as the wall around them. Professional window installation when you purchase new windows is key to insuring that your windows are installed correctly and no energy is lost through the framing.

All this new technology and window installation research equates to sturdy, clear windows that actually work to conserve your home's energy.

If you were raised thinking that window shutters needed to be drawn tight with extra covering in the winter months, it is time to change your way of thinking and let the light shine in every day of the year. Modern windows are not the energy leaking features that windows of the past were. You should be able to relax by a window on the coldest day of the year with the curtains open to let the light in, without feeling a draft or extreme drop in temperatures. A whole house window replacement done by professional installers can save you money on your power bill because of the advances in glass technology.

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