You may raise your windows for fresh air and cooling breezes during the summer, but probably don’t think about them much during the winter. However, you should take the time to assure they function properly as they are an important part of your home and protection against the weather. If they aren’t properly installed and sealed, they can allow a cold draft into the home. Your heating bills soar and your comfort levels decrease. If you do realize you need new windows, consider their purposes and the options available.

Windows as Insulation

Perhaps the most important function of windows in the wintertime is their insulation as part of your wall system. Double pane windows are filled with an inert gas to assure positive insulation to keep the cold weather outside and your heated air in. Over time, as the house settles, windows can lose their insulation properties if they come out of square and level. Obviously if the glass is broke you’ll have it repaired, but the frames can also get broken, causing problems. If the window does not open, close and latch smoothly with minimal effort it probably is not functioning at its full efficiency.

Windows and Lighting

The other primary function of windows is to allow you to see out and let light in. With a proper design, windows provide natural light during the day. Not only does it save money against your power bill by reducing the lights you need to use, but it can additionally provide a touch of warmth to a room. It can certainly provide a sense of warmth, and natural light is proven to provide a better mood and generally provide for emotional health through its effect on the psyche.

Practical Applications and Window Styles

A number of practical applications you may not have considered can be achieved if you’re informed as to available window options.

  • Egress windows are available for basements or any room which could potentially be blocked from the rest of the house in the case of an emergency. They are designed to easily pop out of place and provide a temporary exit.
  • Glass block windows are perfect for a restroom and especially by a bathtub or shower. The windows allow light to come in but aren’t clear and don’t provide a view of inside the home to the outside world.
  • Bay windows always provide a focal point and classy sense of traditional elegance to a room.
  • Sliding windows can provide a large window space much like bay windows do, but without altering the overall feel of a room as a focal point.
  • Shutters were once used to protect the window during storms, but are typically only decorative on modern homes. They break up the visual of a wall to provide an interesting and beautiful front to your home.

Windows are an important aspect of your home. You may not think about them often, but need to consider how it can help your home and bills to install new windows.

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