Investors understand the importance of curb appeal and know how to make a house look inviting from the street. Homeowners often think the concept means landscaping and maintaining a nice lawn, but there is more to it. The front door is what people notice as they arrive, and your friends also are aware of your patio doors as the use the deck or outdoor grilling area. Great doors add to the value of the home not only for cosmetic reasons but because they make the house more functional.

Features of Metal Entry Doors

Metal entry doors have become the new paradigm standard for front and side doors for a reason. They are simply more useful than the older style wooden doors you may find on houses and buildings built long ago. If you really prefer wooden doors, there are common painting procedures to make a newer metal door take on the appearance you prefer, but with the function and features only a metal door can provide.

Strength is the main feature metal doors offer. Whether it’s security against potential criminals or simply not warping seasonally according to the weather, metal doors are stronger than wooden ones. When properly installed with the appropriate locks, metal doors are nearly impenetrable to intruders. Since they don’t shrink and expand with a wood grain, they don’t allow drafts to come in around the edges. In spite of how cute your family may think it is to have to push balls of old socks against the bottom of the door each time it’s opened and closed, that solution isn’t really fixing the problem. A new door will immediately cut your power costs and end the inconvenience of having to tend to the door seasonally as needed.

Patio Door Options

Once the problems with the front door have been resolved, you also need to pay attention to secondary doors and the well used patio doors in particular. Standard sliding glass doors are nice for their own reasons in how they seal the home while allowing access to the patio. Other options allow for a more decorative flair to stylize your home.

French doors are a common choice as they allow for both sides of the door to open as needed for easy accessibility to the patio when grilling or entertaining guests while the weather is nice. According to the layout of the house and your need for space, modern French can open in or outward. The ones which open outwards have a security feature which locks the hinges in place, so they don’t have the security problems typically associated with outward opening doors.

Consider how your doors will make you and your family more comfortable on a daily basis. Great doors also make your guests feel more comfortable. If your old doors are a daily nuisance for you, they’re also a pain in the neck when you have company. Invite your friends in with new doors which function properly and look great.

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