Older window often have a timeless antiquity about them and a particular charm which makes homeowners want to keep them. Older windows also develop problems over time. It may be charming to you and your family how one window won’t open and another one won’t close completely, but those aren’t just nuisances you’re willing to put up with. Those windows detract from the value of the home if you plan to eventually sell, and they run up your power bills while you live there. Take a moment to consider how convenient it would be if you didn’t have daily problems with your current windows.

Cracked Glass

Cracked glass is the most obvious problem any window can present. Maybe it was like that when you moved in, maybe a neighbor’s kid threw a ball in the wrong direction, maybe one of your own family decided to learn how to play golf in the backyard. It no longer matters how the glass became damaged, but it is and the memory doesn’t pay your bills. Windows with cracked or broken glass and missing panes need to be replaced.

Drafts and Condensation from Leaks

What is not as obvious as broken or missing glass is the leaks and drafts around older windows. Sometimes such issues can be fixed with a bit of window glazing and calking, but those are only going to be temporary patches at best. If you notice a draft when you walk by a window, it’s time to consider a replacement. If you’re finding condensation and moisture accumulating on the inside of the window, or freezing inside the window, then it’s definitely time for a replacement.

Opening and Closing Smoothly

Another common problem with older windows is their basic function of opening and closing. Even if you’ve never experienced this first-hand, everybody has lived in a college apartment or visited a friend in which a window simply would not open or close properly. Usually there’s a stick next to the window to prop it open as needed, or else a stick on top of the window to jam in place and hold it shut. Just because you’ve become accustomed to such a nuisance doesn’t make it right. Windows are supposed to open freely for summer evening breeze and close securely against the winter weather.

Latching Securely

When windows don’t close and latch securely you have more of a problem than you may realize. You may be willing to allow for a higher than average power bill because of the outside air you’re heating and cooling throughout the year, but the security of your home is also compromised. New windows solve such an issue. Not only do new windows close and latch securely for your safety, but they offer further security features to assure a potential criminal can’t open them from outside the house.

When windows become old and aren’t working properly it’s more of a nuisance than you may realize on a daily basis. It increases your bills and compromises the safety of your home. The price of new windows is negligible in the long term.

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