It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new home, buying an older home, or have lived in the same home for quite some years. You’ve considered and discussed with friends what you’d like to do to make the house prettier. Siding and shutters are the first project to approach as they provide a structural advantage to the home while making it much more appealing from the road and as your guests arrive.

New Siding as a Cover

Vinyl Siding is used on new homes because it is known to be structurally intact, durable, and a firm insulation against the elements. It can serve the same purpose on an older home. Vinyl siding can make an old house look new whether it is used to cover old wood or asbestos siding, metal siding, or even brick that has begun to decay.

Vinyl siding is essentially the catch-all be-all solution for older homes that need a face lift. Vinyl siding looks great, is relatively inexpensive to install, and most importantly- it serves the function your siding is supposed to provide. When properly installed, the weather can’t penetrate vinyl siding so you can rest comfortably inside knowing the storm remains outdoors.

When to Replace Siding

The standard answer to the question of when to replace siding is simple. When the old siding no longer performs its function. You can only paint so many times and you can only repair a façade until it only consists of ongoing repairs and nothing original remains.

In these cases, new siding will protect what’s left of the original structure in your home and provide a beautiful exterior. Strangers driving by will slow down to admire the new home, friends and guests will be amazed at how nice your house became.  There are also means of adding nice trim to further enhance the outside beauty of your home.

Cosmetic Appeal of Shutters

Shutters once performed a function of protecting the glass which was both beautiful and delicate. Modern windows can weather the storm, but the shutters still add a depth and contrast to the front of any home. There is a consideration of which shape and style you prefer to add texture to the front of your home, along with a color choice which suits the overall palette you hope to achieve. Shutters can be an exceptional accent against neutral color siding in order to add appeal to your home.

The way your house looks is up to you. You have to make it a home and suit your tastes for decoration and flair. There are ways to maintain your personality with the multitude of styles and colors available with siding and shutters. Heed the advice your contractor provides and then make your decision without a second guess. Your house is going to look amazing after the work is completed and you have a new set of siding along with shutters that gracefully accent the home.

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