One of the many ways you ensure that your home remains comfortable during the winter and summer months is by having the best windows. Windows keep your energy in your home, preventing you from using your air conditioner or heat too much. To ensure your windows are complementing your HVAC system, it is important to have up-to-date windows. The following are a few warning signs that your windows need replacing.

Signs of Moisture in Between Your Panes

Although windows can last nearly 50 years, they have to be installed appropriately. When a window isn’t installed appropriately, its utility is reduced. If you see moisture between your window panes, then your seals are failing. If moisture is allowed to get in between your window panes, then air can move between your panes as well. You should replace your windows if you see moisture in between your panes.

Your Windows Are Hard to Open

Struggling to open your windows each year is not a sign that something is wrong with you, but your windows. When moisture is allowed to sit on your windows, your windows could swell. As a result, you will find it increasingly harder to open and close your windows because they aren’t the right size any longer. With the size of your windows changing due to swelling, they may no longer be able to keep the air inside your home as they once did. You should consider replacing hard to open windows.

You Can Feel Air Around Your Windows

If you’ve noticed you have to up your heating each time it gets colder outside, you may have a problem with air escaping your home. Additionally, if you notice that you can feel more air when you walk by your windows, then you will need to replace your windows. There are many reasons your windows can become drafty, including poor installations and broken seals. You should contact a window professional to ensure that you fix the problem.

You Have Water Around Your Windows

Another telltale sign that you have bad windows is the presence of water. If your windows allow water into your home, then your cooled and heated air is escaping as well. Water sitting at the bottom of your seal indicates there may be a crack or a gap around your window. Replacing these windows will save you money on your utility bills by ensuring that the air in your home remains in your home.

Hire a Professional

With the help of a professional window installer in Minneapolis, you can choose new windows that complement your home and help you keep your home safe. Windows that don’t keep your air in your home also reduce your home’s security. With advances in window technology, you can increase your home’s security and reduce the cost of using energy in one fell swoop. Don’t ignore the signs that you need new windows; act immediately. Each day you fail to act, you are losing money by paying higher utility bills.

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