Building a home or upgrading your home are both good reasons to consider new windows. With advances in the area of home construction, it’s important to know what’s available when it comes to protecting your home.

One new technology that provides numerous benefits to homeowners is shatterproof windows. The following are a few reasons you should consider purchasing shatterproof windows from us at Window World.

Prevent Break-Ins

According to the FBI, there are more than 2.5 million break-ins each year. With the possibility of having a break-in so high, homeowners must take every measure possible to protect their family and home from home intrusions. Shatterproof windows have proven to be a great asset when a burglar is attempting to break into a home. Unlike traditional windows, shatterproof windows prevent burglars from smashing exterior windows and gaining easy access to homes.

Eliminate Accidents

In addition to smash-and-grab break-ins, traditional windows also leave you vulnerable to accidents. Whether children break your window while playing baseball or you have an accident as a result of pressure washing your home, traditional windows can easily be broken by objects at high velocity or by brute force. Fortunately, shatterproof windows offer homeowners reassurance. The ability to withstand brute force exists because a strong polymer interlayer is often placed between two sheets of glass, which strengthens the glass against breakage.

Reduce the Instance of Weather-Related Damage

In Minnesota, it’s not unusual to experience a tornado. In fact, strong winds and flying debris from tornadoes can increase the damage you sustain during a tornado. By installing shatterproof windows, you can effectively reinforce your home from tornadoes and other weather-related protections. Many shatterproof windows can withstand impact that’s the equivalent of a 2x4 flying at your window at 50 feet per second.

Reduce Energy Costs

At Window World, you can also purchase tinted shatterproof glass. Tinted glass helps you protect your home from natural light entering your home. Although natural light can help you lower costs during the day by reducing your use of electricity, natural light can lead to increased air conditioner use during the summer. With tinted windows installed in your home, you can reduce the need for air conditioning during summer months.

Save Insurance Costs

Homeowner’s insurance is necessary when you have a home. With the right homeowner’s insurance, you receive financial backing if you incur weather-related damage to your home. As a monthly cost, you want to make sure that your homeowner’s insurance is budget-friendly. We’ve found that many homeowner’s insurance policies will give homeowners a discount when they purchase shatterproof glass. With shatterproof glass effectively protecting your home from so many potential losses, insurance companies are eager to offer you incentive to install these windows in your home.

Shatterproof windows are a great investment for your family and your home. With the ability to enhance your existing security features, you will find that choosing shatterproof windows over other windows can protect you for years to come.

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