When looking at home improvements, you probably don’t think about the siding on the exterior of your home. It just is what it is, right? Not necessarily. Your home can take on the appeal of a brand new house or replicate the antiquity of a classic with a simple siding job according to your design style and the effect you want your home to portray.

Older versus Newer Siding Options

There was a time when asbestos siding was in fashion. Functionally, it was one of the best siding options ever produced for tenacity against the weather and rugged durability. It wasn’t known at the time how asbestos siding is the equivalent of covering your house with poison. There wasn’t the same testing in 1950 as there is today. Modern siding is generally made of recyclable vinyl, with options for wood using environmentally friendly treatments for years of functional use and beauty. Metal siding is available if it better suits your needs, and can present a variety of color and style options according to how you want your home to look.

Cosmetic Appeal

To the layman, siding is for cosmetic appeal. It does, in fact, serve a greater purpose, but that’s irrelevant if your house doesn’t look nice. New siding is one of the easiest possible ways to upgrade the appearance of your home. The house will be more inviting to your guests, and will also provide the appeal that makes you want to come home every day. As a side note, there’s a psychological aspect to upgrading the outside appearance of your home. Your family will do a better job of maintaining the house once they realize how nice it looks with new siding. If your house looks dirty as you approach it, you and others are going to treat it like dirt once you go inside.

Function and Usage

Other than simply making the house appear nicer, new siding options provide for a functional use. You have to first consider how the house was designed to have siding on it, and that design did not accommodate old worn out stuff on the outside of your walls. New siding is recyclable and in some cases, made of recycled materials. According to the design you choose, it may have additional insulation. With or without the extra insulation, new siding helps seal your house, protecting the structure from the weather and lowering the costs of heating and cooling.

New siding is a reasonable endeavor for an older home. It will increase the value should you decide to sell the home, and will increase your comfort while you live there. It will improve the curb appeal as you return home as well as for guests who come to visit. Ultimately, new siding is a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your home and make it feel new again.

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