Spring cleaning is a chance to make your house look nice and prepare for company you may entertain during the nice summer weather. An item often overlooked is the gutters. Your neighbors and guests, however, see if the gutters remain dirty but never notice them if properly cleaned on a routine schedule. Spring cleaning for your gutters depends on your circumstances and what they actually need once or twice per year to maintain a nice appearance.

Routine Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Cosmetic gutter cleaning is to pressure wash the outside when cleaning your siding. Another basic aspect of gutter cleaning is to remove anything which has built up inside them, potentially clogging them or disrupting the flow of water. The accumulation of water at best allows for germs in standing water, which in turn can draw mosquitoes to your home, and at worst can add weight which knocks the gutter out of alignment for further drainage. In some cases the gutters can be realigned, but only once or twice. After a couple of gutter repairs, they typically need replacement with a system which will prevent the same problem from happening again in the future.

Gutter Replacement: New Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters have become the new style as they look nicer without anything to break up the lines they form, and they don’t require the ongoing maintenance of re-sealing the seams. Seamless gutters require a specialty which forms them from a roll to whatever custom lengths are required for each section of your home, and a specialist to construct corners and linkages for downspouts. Colors are available according to your design choice and home style as to whether it may look best to match your siding, trim or roof.

Upgrade to LeafProof Gutters

If you live on a wooded lot or even have a single decorative tree near your house, you may want to consider LeafProof gutters to reduce the amount of gutter cleaning you need to conduct throughout the year. An additional advantage of these covered gutters is they prevent birds and small rodents from building nests in your gutter system, to which they’re attracted because of the easy access to water. All in all, such preventative measures helps keep your gutters in tip-top shape by reducing the stresses uncovered gutters tend to receive. The cost of an upgrade to LeafProof gutters nearly always reduces the ongoing expenses of time, effort and money toward maintaining your gutter system.

Gutters are a part of your home design. They fill a structural function by directing water away from the house and foundation, a landscaping purpose to some degree by distributing the water across your lawn, and a cosmetic appeal because they’re clearly visible on the outside of your home. You spend too much time keeping your home nice than to overlook what seems to be a trivial aspect but is actually a rather important part of your home’s exterior.

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