Doors and windows are arguably one of the most important aspects of your home’s exterior. The doors are the last thing you see when leaving and the first thing you see when returning home. Windows are your everyday access to the outdoors, whether viewing with heat or air conditioning on or opening for a mild breeze when the weather permits. The downside of windows and doors is how they can cause a heavy power bill or security risk when not functioning properly. Before installing windows in a new home, or before older houses develop a problem, it’s important to consider the options of how modern styles can provide great looks and function.

Patio Doors

Old style patio doors never looked nice but were only there for a specific function of allowing easy access to the deck or patio, and didn’t do that well. They were famous for drafts and air leaks, seldom open and close smoothly, and tend to be left cracked open for practicality’s sake. That’s not the case with new patio doors. Not only do the new styles open and close properly with little effort, they come in a variety of styles to open inward or outward, or slide left, right, or both. The design options available with modern patio doors provide a special beauty to your home instead of simply being a way to get to your yard.

Entry Doors

Entry doors, assuming they provide the basic function of being secure, provide the welcome you want to see on your return home and extend to friends and guests. Modern building techniques allow your door to utilize any cosmetic appearance you can imagine while the door itself may be made of steel or vinyl. As to its function, an entry door needs to provide a thermal break so the outdoor temperature remains outside. According to what you need to feel your family remains safe, reinforced locks and hinges are available as added security against would-be intruders.

Window Styles

Windows also have a multitude of styles for you to choose from. The basic double hung window can be split in half for maximum air flow when open, or can be split into thirds to provide an elegant appeal which heightens the appearance of the room. There are options available for the style and color of the casings to match the décor of the room, and exterior color options to match the outside of your house.

Through the winter, your doors and windows remain closed to keep the weather out. In the heat of summer, they typically stay closed to keep the air conditioning in. In the spring, and in the fall, you truly see the usefulness of great windows with full functions. When you can open doors and windows easily while keeping a new screen in place, then close them securely as needed to leave or sleep, you’ll understand the importance of having great windows is more than simply looking good.

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