Every homeowner has at some point wondered about a redesign of their home’s exterior. You chose the house because you like the layout and the look, but of course you think about how it could be changed. There are computer simulations which can give you a general idea of how siding, windows, shutter, and doors can match or contrast to give your home a particular style. Additionally, here are a few general design concepts that typically work well with most homes to establish the style which your personal tastes.

Matching Colors

Matching colors always works well for the entire exterior. If doors and windows match the siding, and the trim work around the edges of the siding match as well, the house takes on an ordinary classic appeal. If they contrast, it can help draw the eye to key features about the home and provide an emphasis to what you find exceptional about the design. If you plan to live in the home forever, then there really are no rules as to how you should or shouldn’t use colors, but if you plan to sell in the near or far future you’ll likely want to keep neutral colors that appeal to a larger percentage of potential buyers than your personal favorite colors will.

Matching Styles

Every house has an inherent set of styles between the roof, facade, and lawn. For the purpose of whether or not to use matching styles, the discussion focuses on the front of the actual house. If the house is covered with a plain, basic vinyl siding, exceptional doors and windows can add a welcoming appeal and touch of style to the home. If the house already shows the expense of cedar siding or brick, a simpler door and window set will allow the focus to remain on the actual building material without a need for the added design features.


Shutters are a way to add style, texture, and color to a house. Shutters nearly always contrast the exterior siding and typically match the color of the front door. As with any design generality, such rules can be broken but you need to be aware of why and how you’re changing from standard designs in order to assure the house still looks nice to the casual observer.

When a designer talks about “matching” doors, windows and shutters they don’t necessarily mean all the colors are the same, but that they go well together and make the house look as nice as it possibly can. Because what appears as nice can mean different things to different people, the final judgment relies on the homeowner. You can decide whether you want your house to shine as a monument in the neighborhood with uniform appeal to everybody who comes by, or whether you’d rather personalize it to your customized taste. In the long run, you’re the one who lives there and should be comfortable, and you’re the person who may have to sell the house if you ever decide to move.

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