For years, sliding patio doors have been a must-have for families. These doors are a popular option for households across the United States. With the emergence of French patio doors, you may be wondering which door is the best option for your home. At Window World, our goal is to help you achieve your dream home. As a result, we wanted to help you make an informed decision about choosing between a sliding glass door and French doors for your patio.

The Pros and Cons of a Sliding Glass Patio Door

If you are like most homeowners, you are familiar with sliding doors. These doors are composed of mostly glass encased in a metal frame. Sliding glass doors sit on a track, and they move horizontally along the track. One positive to having this door installed is you’re the fact that the doors don’t take up much space. Since the doors open and close horizontally, the only space you need is the space currently occupied by the door.

An additional benefit to having sliding doors is the cost. Sliding doors are generally much cheaper than other patio options. As an economical option, you can gain access to the outside of your home and save money simultaneously.

Unfortunately, these doors aren’t as energy-efficient as other patio doors. The design of the doors allows cool and warm air to escape to the outside. If you are looking for an energy-efficient door, you may not want to consider other options for your patio door.

The Pros and Cons of French Patio Doors

French patio doors give you the same wide open access to the outdoors, whether you are opening the door or not. Much like the oversized windows you get from sliding glass patio doors, French doors are oversized glass sheets encased in a wooden frame. The wooden frame is what makes French doors more appealing to many homeowners. The wood frame adds style and dimension to any type of room.

Additionally, the design of French doors helps homeowner conserve energy, unlike sliding glass doors. The frame of the door works to ensure the home’s energy doesn’t escape, allowing the home to remain comfortable.

Another important benefit of installing French doors is the fact that you can easily bring wide objects inside. With both doors opening, generally, French doors have nearly twice the width of sliding glass doors.

One drawback to installing French doors is the fact that they are generally costlier than sliding glass doors. If you are a homeowner considering these two types of doors, a sliding glass door is budget-friendly; however, it doesn’t give you the interior look that a French door provides you.

When you install French patio doors, you have to consider the inside of your home. These doors swing open, requiring you to have room inside of your room to accommodate the swing of the French doors.

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