If you’re like most people, you’ve probably casually considered putting new windows in your house. You’ve likely realized they would be beneficial but put off the project because it doesn’t seem like a good time to have the work going on. There are reasons to go ahead and take on the project. If you know you’re going to replace your windows, why not go ahead and get started so you can begin enjoying the new windows? You’ll see an immediate benefit on a daily basis with their ease of use, and you’ll soon see the benefits of decreased power bills and wonder why you had even put it off so long.

Investment Homes

New windows are a perfect project for investment homes. Windows are relatively inexpensive in the scheme of things while adding both value and curb appeal to the house. After the rest of the work that goes into fixing the house up, windows give it the final touch and are a feature the potential buyer or renter will notice and appreciate.  If you plan to sell the house the windows will pay for themselves in the form of justifying a higher asking price. If you intend to keep the house and rent it out, not only will the windows help the home’s appeal so it rents quicker, but the tenants who are happy will stay longer resulting in less downtime between renters.

Changing Styles and Sizes

Another reason to replace windows is to change the style or size of the windows. Glass block windows are perfect for the bathroom as they allow light in while maintaining your privacy. Bay windows provide a better view of the outdoors along with an additional seating area. Size can be changed by rebuilding the framework within the wall to accommodate a floor to ceiling window or a wider window, according to what suits your preferences and the style of the room.

Older Windows with Decreased Function

Perhaps the most common reason for window replacement is when older windows simply no longer function properly. Nobody wants to have to pry a window open, use a stick to prop it up so it will stay open, or spend ten minutes banging on it to get it securely closed and locked. Usually by the time a window reaches this point, the frame doesn’t look very nice either; it has either been damaged, painted so many times the contours of the woodwork are no longer visible, or both.

There are plenty of viable reasons to have windows replaced and the longer you put it off the longer you have to deal with the old windows. Remember, if price is an issue you can finance it to some degree by having a few windows replaced now and more replaced next year, continuing to replace them as you can afford it until you have all new windows. Whether your reasons for replacement is cosmetic or functional, go ahead and talk to a professional contractor to discuss what your options are.

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