The exterior of your home is more than just cosmetic sheathing which provides an inviting aspect to your house when you get home from work or invite friends over. You’ll certainly notice a draft or water leak coming into your home, but the exterior of your house also protects the house’s structure from damage associated with the outdoor weather and when such a function fails it’s less likely to be noticed. The exterior is an intricately designed system. Although rugged and durable to stand up against the weather, it occasionally needs maintenance or even replacement.

Modern Window Design

Modern windows do more than simply open and close smoothly when you want to let in a breeze or fresh air. They provide energy savings with a total barrier against the outdoors. They also feature security measures to prevent them from being opened from outside and tempered glass for safety. A convenience feature is a tilting mechanism so you can clean them from the comfort of inside rather than having to use ladders and navigate shrubbery for access to the outside panes.

Properly Working Doors

Properly working doors also do more than open and close but are your first layer of home security. An improperly installed door can be kicked in much easier than most people realize. Modern doors provide enhanced features to prevent such an occurrence. Simply using longer screws to secure the hinges and deadbolt plates adds a heightened level of security. Even better, a professional contractor who specializes in doors can add steel to the basic framing structure around the door to make a nearly impervious door. In addition to basic security, modern doors have options which weren’t previously available such as opening outwards to save space inside.

New Siding Styles and Insulation

Modern siding styles not only look beautiful, but incorporate functional benefits. Modular siding panels have built-in insulation to improve the R-value of your home. This both lowers your power bills and makes the home more comfortable as warm air stays inside during the winter and air conditioning cools the interior during the summer. Even if you don’t need the full benefit of extra insulation, modern materials installed with current techniques provide a better envelope than older siding styles and improve the efficiency of your home.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

Gutters are also a more important aspect of your house than you may realize. Most noticeably, old bent gutters are going to stick out like a sore thumb when allowed to remain after the rest of the exterior has been replaced. More importantly, the gutters put rainwater where you want it rather than simply gushing off the edge of your roof. Bent or sagging gutters, or if they begin to separate from the fascia board, allows water to pour directly onto the ground, ultimately destroying any lawn or shrubbery by the house. Then as erosion occurs, puddles begin to form which not only are unsightly, but will eventually seep down to cause foundation damage.

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