Window replacement is an important step when fixing up an older house, whether you’re flipping it as an investment or planning to live there with your family. Older windows served the purpose they were designed for by allowing sunlight into the house, letting you look out on the yard, and opening to allow a breeze and fresh air in on warm days. However, new windows have a more efficient design and safety features people have come to expect for a house in today’s world.

Modern Window Design

Modern window design can allows for better efficiency than older windows. What you first notice is they are easier to open and close due to a light weight which doesn’t require the balance of a counterweight in the adjoining wall. What you’ll notice next is lower power bills. The high efficiency of modern windows forms a complete seal, a barrier against the outside weather. Each window has its own built in insulation system in the frame and two planes of glass form an outstanding barrier to assure the cool air stays inside during the summer and the cold air stays outside in the winter. They typically have an extra security system which prevents them from being pried open from outside and a convenient tilt-in feature which allows you to clean them from the comfort of inside.

Materials Used for New Window Construction

Part of what leads to such efficiency in modern windows is the used of modern materials in their construction. Although the frame and trim work can be wood if it better suits the design of your house, they are typically made of vinyl with a hidden metal alloy structure inside. Such construction provides a regged and durable structure which is lightweight while inherently providing several layers of insulation. The glass panes are doubled with an inert gas between them as a barrier, an air lock of sorts, between inside and outside of your home. Further, the windows can use tempered safety glass so they’re both harder to break and safer in the rare case in which they are broken.

Modern Standards and Energy Star Ratings

Modern houses have developed new standards for efficiency which makes them environmentally friendly while keeping your power bills down. The new design of modern windows provides them an EnergyStar rating which can build toward a higher LEEDs score, the most common method of determining a building’s efficiency.

As materials and techniques have been developed over time, windows have incorporated the latest technologies to evolve as well. If you plan to sell the home, new windows are going to improve the value and make the home more desirable to potential buyers to assure the house sells quickly. If you plan to live there, the usability and function of new windows will be appreciated by your family. The price of windows is relatively low compared to the return on investment and the value they provide, and if needed it can be an ongoing project in which you exchange a few windows every year until they’ve all been replaced.

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