Although new windows can be made to look similar to older ones, they have little in common. Modern windows are constructed according to a different design than old windows used and are built using different materials. Whether you prefer the sleek modernity of a new window according to new styles or the timeless class of and older style of appearance, there are some differences to be aware of when contracting to have new windows installed in your home.

A Rundown of Window Options

Window styles are no longer limited to traditional double hung windows or perhaps a single piece of glass which levers open. According to the needs of any room, sliding windows are available for larger windows without being broken up by unneeded horizontal lines, glass block windows allow light in without a view for private areas such as the bathroom. Egress windows are a safety feature for basements or side rooms which may require an emergency exit. Casement windows allow for more light to come in while bay windows offer an expanded view of the outdoors. All windows are available in a number of colors and wood grain patterns to match your home’s overall design.

How New Windows Benefit Your Home

New windows are beautiful and add curb appeal to your home, but that’s not the only benefit they have to offer. They add value simply by creating a clean new appeal to your home even though the real value of new windows is because of their efficiency. Because new windows are easy to operate, you’re more likely to open when the weather allows to let in a cool breeze and fresh air rather than running an air conditioner. When it’s too hot or cold, they remain closed and two panes of glass filled with an inert gas forms an absolute barrier between inside your house and the outdoors. The frames are constructed of aluminum and covered with vinyl which is hard to damage and easy to keep clean so they stay gorgeous for years to come.

Why You Need New Windows

There are two main reasons for installing new windows. The increased insulation they provide will lower your power bills and they will pay for themselves over time. This is the very reason they add value to the house and if you’re planning to sell in the near future they will pay for themselves with the final negotiations. The second reason is since they pay for themselves it only makes sense to install windows which work properly and provide less frustration in your life. Modern windows often tilt inside for easy cleaning and provide secure latching and secondary locking mechanisms for security.

New windows simply aren’t the same as the window styles you grew up with. Contractors, engineers, and architects have listened to complaints about older window styles and developed solutions over the years. Modern windows are sleek and attractive, conveniently easy to operate, and add an eco-friendly efficiency to your home.

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