Summer is an exciting time of year when you get to enjoy a vacation and daily local activities which keep you active while the weather is conducive to spending time outdoors. You also have lawn maintenance chores which can be fun rather than work if you enjoy the view of your house. For these and a number of other reasons, summer is the time to hire a contractor and have new doors installed on your home as a way to enjoy the weather and make the house more pleasant.

A Better Seal

The first and best reason for new doors is basic economy. Older doors fall out of plumb and square through use and as the house settles, allowing your indoor cool air to leak out and the outdoor heat to blow in. New doors accommodate the settling of the house as a fix for the immediate issue of a broken seal. Better yet, new doors are built better than the generic ones which typically come with a new house. The fact of the matter is, contractors often put in the least expensive door available with the intention of the buyer customizing the door to suit their own taste after the sale is completed.

Welcoming Guests

When you consider the house was built with the intention you would customize the doors later, you’ll realize how many cosmetic options are available to suit your preferences. Whether you like a classic and solid wooden door, a superbly secure metal door, a door with built in windows as a welcoming gesture, or a touch of elegance with stained glass accents, the front door shows your guests a touch of your personality and invites them to visit your personal touch of style.

Curb Appeal during the Sales Season

On the other hand, a new door adds curb appeal and value whether you’re planning to make a sale fairly soon or if you intend to live in the home for some years but a limited amount of time. There are a number of ways to add curb appeal for people who drive by to glance at the house, but the front door is a focal point which draws the eye and attention. Then when a potential buyer comes in for a closer inspection, their first impression is the front door as they enter. They’ll notice immediately how well you take care of the house when the front door looks nice and functions properly.


One final reason for a new door is security. As much as you and your family dislike this thought, summertime is also the season when thieves get busy. Most thieves don’t operate like you see in the movies. They simply kick the door in, grab what they see and are gone in thirty seconds. You come home with groceries for supper, thinking nothing has happened while you were away for five minutes, and your laptop is gone. New doors incorporate structure and technology to prevent such a thing from occurring so you can rest assuring your home and family are safe.

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