So you’re in the driveway, running your snow blower to open a path to the rest of the world when you get a little too close to a rock bed. There’s a quick grinding noise, and before you realize it a stone has been shot at your window. There’s a quarter-sized hole there for Old Man Winter to get into your house.

You’ll need a new window, of course. But before you call your window company, take a little time to cover the hole and keep the elements where they belong: outside.

Gloves. Any time you’re working with broken glass, you should wear a heavy-duty pair of work gloves. You don’t want to be surprised by shards and edges.

Tape. Use clear packing tape to cover any minor cracks or small holes. Press the tape firmly into place using gentle pressure – no sudden or forceful movements. If possible, tape both sides of the window.

Garbage Bag. If the hole is too large for packing tape, use a garbage bag. Take a hammer and gently tap out any loose shards, then sweep the debris away. Tape the bag to the window, but be careful not to push on the window as it may give way.

Nail Polish. If there is just a small blemish, like a BB gun mark or other chip, use nail polish to fill in the hole. Wait for it to dry, and repeat until the hole has been built up. It might even look so good that you won’t have to replace the pane.

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