As if the heat of summer wasn’t hard enough on you, the thunder and hail storms which happen in the evening when the temperature drops can really do a number on your house. You and your family worked so hard, saved money, built credit, searched the market, and found the perfect home. You hired a contractor to customize the house to suit your specific needs. Then a storm hits and causes a bunch of damage. You want to sit down and cry, but relax, you don’t need to do that. Instead, make lemonade as you realize it’s the opportunity to make the upgrades you wanted and your house is going to be, better, in just a short bit of time.

Hail and Your Home’s Exterior

The exterior of your home was designed to withstand the typical hailstorm and thunderstorms which happen in your area. However, the rare hard storm can cause both structural and cosmetic damage to your roof and siding. If such a storm hits and causes direct and immediate damage, there are two things to take into consideration.

First, your insurance will likely cover all or at least part of the damage. Second, if the house sustained immediate and direct damage, it was probably already in need of an upgrade. As an additional bonus, architectural technology is currently advancing by leaps and bounds, so any repairs or replacements are going to bring your house up to a new level of standards.

Added Efficiency of New Siding

The technology of today’s world has particularly affected the quality of siding used on houses. Even the house wrap used to prepare a house for a new siding installation has improved significantly over the last ten years. Siding itself is made of better quality materials than it used to be, and incorporates environmentally friendly recycled (and recyclable) base units along with built in insulation technology to help lower your heating and cooling costs. If your house is more than a few years old, any new siding you install is going to be an upgrade from what you previously had.

Cosmetic Appeal of Gutters and Shutters

Although shutters once held the practical purpose of protecting your windows, in today’s world they’re more cosmetic as a way to add color and dimension to your house. Gutters also trim your house with either a subdued similar color or distinct contrast, but they still serve a practical purpose as well by putting the water where it needs to be. Rather than allowing gutters and shutters to be an afterthought, plan ahead as to how you expect your house to look and align the gutters and shutters as part of the overall plan along with your roof and siding.

An experienced and professional contractor can help make your house a dream home for you and your family. Allow the contractor to provide knowledge and experience toward determining how best to repair storm damage and improve your house in the process.

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