You may think of new windows as a project for winter time and a way to save on heating bills without having the discomfort of drafts and cold air coming inside your house. Many homeowners are just like you, winter is the time they realize the windows aren’t working properly. Unfortunately, you’re doing yourself a disservice not to consider new windows in the summertime. If you need new windows, they’re going to cost the same whether you buy them now or wait six months, but if you put off buying them you’ll simply pay higher bills and not have the value they provide for those six months thereby paying more in the big picture than if you simply go ahead and have them installed immediately.

Winter Drafts versus Summer Heating Costs

You notice the drafts of old windows in the winter when a cold breeze blows in, but you don’t necessarily realize you’re cooling the entire neighborhood in the summer when the window isn’t forming a proper seal. Windows are especially important in the summer if you can open them in the evening to let cool air in and turn the air conditioner off for a bit. Running the air conditioner during the heat of the day to keep the temperature down is much less expensive than running it for 24 hours every day.

Value and Summer House Sales

Another consideration for buying windows in the summer is the value they add in the situation in which you may be selling a house. An investment house you’re flipping has an obvious need for new windows as part of the process of fixing it up, and the same applies to a personal home from which you may be moving whether to a new town for a job promotion or simply because you’re moving to a nicer local neighborhood with a better school district. The house will have a higher value for the actual sale along with the appeal to help it sell faster with new windows so the buyer knows it won’t be an issue they have to deal with.

Curb Appeal when Entertaining Guests

Curb appeal applies to more than just sale value, but also impresses your friends when have guests over for summertime parties or entertaining. Your friends aren’t going to want to come over if you have a steaming house without functional windows. Once again, when your bills are lower you can actually use the air conditioner as it was intended, making the house more comfortable and inviting. When the windows work properly, you can open them as needed for fresh air, and your guests will appreciate that as well. Although perhaps this shouldn’t be an issue, a final consideration is how the fact of the matter is that new windows make your home look nicer, which is in fact more comfortable for your guests than older windows.

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