Our team at Window World understands that the cost of living is increasing. Day-to-day expenses are higher than what we remember in the good old days. Unfortunately, inflation has many people taking unnecessary shortcuts. In fact, in most situations, these shortcuts can lead to costly repairs, especially when it comes to DIY home projects.

In our experience, we’ve found that we’ve had to rescue a lot of homeowners from themselves once they attempt DIY projects. In the end, they could have saved a lot of time and money if they would have contacted us initially. The following are three home projects homeowners attempt that can go terribly wrong.

Replacing Dated Windows

Replacing a window that is drafty may seem like a cinch if you are watching Bob Vila. He has a tendency to make everything seem simple. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of professional know-how to pull off the projects you see on This Old House. Whether you want to repair your old windows, or you are considering replacing them to get energy-efficient windows, you should hire a professional like our team at Window World. Even if you think you have it covered, you may be leaving out some necessary steps that can leave your home exposed to the elements.

Installing Entry Doors and Patio Doors

Entry doors and patio doors are other types of projects many homeowners attempt in an effort to save money. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you install a door. For starters, the door may not be leveled. If your door isn’t leveled, then you could have an issue closing the door, or you may have an issue with cracks. If you allow cracks to remain in your doorway, then you are inviting insects and other critters into your home.

Beyond its performance, an entry door or patio door that isn’t installed properly is a security risk. Time and time again, thieves are looking for homeowners who have a security breach in their home; they love easy ways to access homes. A poorly installed door won’t lock as it should, which could place you and your family in danger.

Instead of DIYing your entry and patio door, you should rely on an expert. Our team will ensure that your doors are snug, secure your home, and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Installing Siding on Your Home

Siding is a popular option for homeowners. They like the various looks siding offers, and they like the fact that siding is relatively low maintenance. If you are a homeowner who enjoys the look of siding on your home, don’t try to install it on your own. Siding installation is tricky, and if you miss something, you could increase the chances of water getting between your siding and the structure of your home. If this happens, then you may have to replace your siding in the matter of a few years due to mold contamination. Beyond being an eyesore, mold is a hazard to both you and your family’s health.

At Window World, we are experts in window replacement, entry and patio doors, and siding. We do it all. If you would like your home’s exteriors transformed, give us a call today.

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