Whether you're building a new home or buying an older house to renovate, you likely have several styles and designs you love and wish you could buy them all. Unfortunately, you have to decide on the one which you like best as it suits the needs of you and your family. Don't forget how valuable a resource your contractor can be as to advice concerning which options tend to end with the best results and what can be done to incorporate various design styles through mix and match to suit your tastes and needs.

Exterior Styles

The list of available exterior design styles is longer than the hours in a day, so the best approach is to narrow it down with a few styles you like for both form and function. The major portion of the design relies on the siding you choose for visual affect and general aesthetics. Vinyl siding has become the paradigm for American buildings as it can resemble any traditional siding while providing a practical aspect of low maintenance and perfect performance of protecting your home against the outdoor elements. Today's styles come in a variety of contours and colors which fit a modular system with your windows, doors, shutters, and gutters to provide a beautiful exterior style for your home.

Practical Function

Form follows function and the exterior of your home should reflect the needs of your environment. The traditional vinyl siding of thin vinyl protects your home against the sheer elements of rain, wind, and snow and works well to a practical application toward such a need. Such siding is especially popular in the South with their moderate weather, but for colder winters such as experienced in Minnesota a heavier siding with insulation incorporated into the design is a practical upgrade. The extra insulation lowers your power bill while keeping the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. An additional feature is how the insulated siding panels help seal the house against pollen and allergens, making the air inside cleaner and healthier.

Working with a Contractor

When you find a great contractor with a wonderful reputation as a community builder, you can trust he will address your needs. The contractor will understand how you want the exterior of your home to look, and give advice toward what you need for the local weather conditions to maintain comfort while providing an inviting look and feel for your family and guests. Most importantly, the contractor will understand how important budget is and work within your means to assure you have the best home possible for both beauty and practical function.

Ultimately, the final decision is up to you, the homeowner. Understand your contractor wants you to be happy with the work conducted both as a gorgeous exterior design and a practical solution to your energy bills and comfort during a cold winter day while indoors with your family.

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