Windows are an important aspect of any house or building for a number of reasons. They have to both look nice and function properly, otherwise you might as well just have a wall without the window even being there. They also add to the efficiency of the home by sealing the exterior against bad weather, or opening easily to allow nice weather to come in. Different window styles can add function and value to any room according to specific needs, or a basic window style can provide the function of the window without distracting from a different focal point in the room.

Beautiful Historic Windows

It's very common for people to admire a well constructed historic window as a piece which simply is no longer available for most homes. The concept is that the window has to look great and still function properly by opening and closing easily by hand without having to leverage it or prop it open with a stick, and it can't allow drafts into the room during winter or let out cool air during the summer heat. If you're fortunate enough to have such a window which adds historic value to your house, you should absolutely keep it and even accent it as an admirable feature of your home.

Functionality of New Design Expectations

New windows, on the other hand, feature design and construction technology which generally makes them more practical than historic windows. Double pane glass and insulated framework improves the efficiency of the window toward your power bill. Security features prevent the window from being opened from outside, even if you want to leave the window cracked on nice days for fresh air inside the house. Tilting features allow you to keep the window clean without the traditional hassle of setting up ladders or trying to maneuver through shrubbery and plants outside your house. Internally designed springs and cables make modern windows much more reliable and easier to raise and lower than roped counterweights built into the framework of the wall next to the window location, and being an integral part of the window design means the window can be easily replaced should the need ever arise.

Architectural Design Options and Styles

Modern windows also provide architectural details which are preferable to using older styles of windows. They are built in a shop, custom designed for the needed measurement but built to modular standards for ease of installation. Bay windows, garden windows, block windows, or safety egress windows no longer require the expense of several highly trained specialists to design, build, and install yet still perform the expected function such windows are supposed to provide. Especially useful is when you know the job is being performed properly from start to finish because the window manufacturer also provides a highly trained professional to conduct the installation rather than having to hire a separate contractor who needs to determine the specific installation needs of a particular factory's window design style. Modern window design solves the problems windows have historically held inherently.

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