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How to Create a More Inviting Entry

There’s nothing quite like the warm welcome of a beautiful entry door. Whether it’s framed by pumpkins in the fall, ornamented with an evergreen wreath in December, or propped open on a fresh spring day, an entry door is an invitation to come home. Creating the ideal welcome for a home is something of an art that balances a home’s architecture with the tastes of its residents.

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How a Home’s Elements Work to Create a Thermal Envelope

Your home should be a place of comfort and respite from the outside world. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing quite like coming home to the place where rest and refreshment are your main concerns. Essential to that comfort is an ideal interior climate free of drafts and cold spots. A comfortable interior will offer healthy air quality, the right level of humidity, and a stable room temperature no matter how extreme the outside temperature. To achieve that balance, your home’s exterior components come together to create a thermal envelope that maintains a home’s internal temperature and protects it from the elements.

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