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Why Choose Window World Twin Cities for Multi-Family Housing?

The aesthetics of your multi-family housing can make the difference between attracting future tenants and choosing a different property. Your window installation can bring a wow factor to the design, so you want to pick the right professional for the job.

Window World Twin Cities wants to make your Minnesota property stand out, and here's what sets us apart.

Our Clients Love Our Work

With decades of experience in the exteriors business, Window World Twin Cities understands that reputation is everything, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards for customer care.

Positive reviews from our previous customers mean you're choosing a company based on evidence of quality and unbiased opinions. Our team strives to ensure that we work hard to provide a five-star experience for all our clients.

We Have Unmatched Craftsmanship

Let's talk craftsmanship! Installing windows in a multi-family housing unit can be a large project, and it only takes a small mistake to cause a large problem down the road. We understand this, so our priority is only to use the highest quality materials to give you a long-lasting and durable finish.

Window World windows also prioritize energy efficiency for enhanced thermal performance and happier tenants.

Clear & Honest Pricing

Purchasing a high volume of windows is going to be a big investment no matter the brand you select, and we want you to be clear on what you're getting for the costs when you choose Window World.

We always offer itemized and upfront pricing, so you always know the cost breakdown. No need to worry about unexpected upcharges or last-minute alterations!

Financing options are also available, offering a simple application process to get you an answer fast and a financial resolution that can help you finish your project.

Expert Design

Aside from energy efficiency, design is everything when choosing replacement windows. Window World’s primary goal is to create a look you LOVE.

We offer four different window styles with customization options available to create everything from traditional to unique features that give your multi-housing unit a deniable quality and aesthetic.

Schedule Professional Window Installation in the Twin Cities

The window installer you choose can make a difference in the entire project, and you need someone who has the experience and tools to get the job done right. Window World Twin Cities has been in the business since 2002, and we specialize in exterior services in North St. Paul, including professional residential and commercial windows or expert door, gutter, and siding installations.

No project is too big or too small, so to get started, give our office a call at 651-770-5570 or click the link for your free estimate today.

4 Window World Options for Commercial Buildings

Whether it's new construction or you're doing an upgrade, choosing the right windows can feel like an enormous task. From energy efficiency to aesthetics, there are many different factors that you have to consider to get the right material and design for your commercial building.

Window World Twin Cities has been your local expert in exteriors for decades, so we've created a breakdown of our favorite options to help you narrow your choices.

Sliding Windows

If your business wants a functional, modern, bright aesthetic, sliding windows deliver. As the name suggests, the window slides open horizontally along a track.

While the framing material can vary, they're simple to operate and work well in areas with limited space to help optimize the interior in a practical way.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular options in American homes and businesses because they go great with almost any style of architecture. They can also be customized with different finishes, styles, and colors, and they're built to be highly energy efficient by using Low-E glass with a gas filler for optimal insulation and heat reflection.

Double-hung windows are low maintenance and can be accommodating if you need to add a window air conditioner in hotter temperatures or a screen to help promote air circulation.

Bow & Bay Windows

If you're looking for dramatic and bold aesthetics, bow and bay windows both deliver this. Their three-dimensional design adds a unique exterior style that simultaneously enhances the interior with extra lighting and an increased view of the surroundings.

Through the years, bay and bow windows have been noted as charming and can make an excellent addition to industries where relaxation is promoted. The frames can be custom-built for any wall thickness and are constructed for superior durability, performance, and energy efficiency.

Casement Windows

If you're looking for a window that saves on space, casement can be the right choice. They are designed to swing outward or inward via a lever, crank, or handle and can be customized for any building style.

Casement style comes in dual and triple pane glass, metal reinforced locking and operating attachments, and has a 90-degree hinge, making them easier for maintenance and use.

Choose WWTC for High-Quality Finishes & Expert Window Design

Choosing the right windows for your commercial building is no small feat, and you need something that performs well and offers you durability that can hold up through the years. The installation is just as important as the product, and when you need experts in the industry, Window World Twin Cities delivers.

Our team has been serving the Twin Cities since 2002, and we're happy to help with exterior projects, including commercial window installations, door and siding replacement, and LeafProof gutter systems.

Create the perfect window design with Window World today by getting your free estimate online or calling our office at 651-770-5570.

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