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Understanding R-Values and U-Values of Windows

Dated windows can compromise the security of your home so it’s natural to replace windows that aren’t functioning as they should. Unfortunately, choosing what windows to replace your existing windows with can be a bit of a challenge because there are so many options, and you may have very little knowledge of windows.

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The Benefits of Skylights in Your Home

Whether you are considering skylights for a new home or for your existing home, these windows offer your household many benefits.

Skylights are essentially windows placed on your roof. The unique location of these windows makes them much different from traditional windows. Keep reading to determine how installing skylights can transform your living experience.

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Common Household Signs Urging You to Replace Your Windows

One of the many ways you ensure that your home remains comfortable during the winter and summer months is by having the best windows. Windows keep your energy in your home, preventing you from using your air conditioner or heat too much. To ensure your windows are complementing your HVAC system, it is important to have up-to-date windows. The following are a few warning signs that your windows need replacing.

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Siding and Shutters: The Face of Your House

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new home, buying an older home, or have lived in the same home for quite some years. You’ve considered and discussed with friends what you’d like to do to make the house prettier. Siding and shutters are the first project to approach as they provide a structural advantage to the home while making it much more appealing from the road and as your guests arrive.

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Common Problems with Older Windows

Older window often have a timeless antiquity about them and a particular charm which makes homeowners want to keep them. Older windows also develop problems over time. It may be charming to you and your family how one window won’t open and another one won’t close completely, but those aren’t just nuisances you’re willing to put up with. Those windows detract from the value of the home if you plan to eventually sell, and they run up your power bills while you live there. Take a moment to consider how convenient it would be if you didn’t have daily problems with your current windows.

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Welcoming Your Guests with Inviting Doors

Investors understand the importance of curb appeal and know how to make a house look inviting from the street. Homeowners often think the concept means landscaping and maintaining a nice lawn, but there is more to it. The front door is what people notice as they arrive, and your friends also are aware of your patio doors as the use the deck or outdoor grilling area. Great doors add to the value of the home not only for cosmetic reasons but because they make the house more functional.

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The In's and Out's of Window Replacement

This is probably the last thing on your mind, but every home eventually needs to have new windows installed. They may get broken, or the frames may become damaged. It might be as simple as you come to realize they aren’t as beautiful as they once were and decide to start replacing them a few at a time each year so you don’t get to the point of having to replace them all at once. If they aren’t functioning properly, if they don’t open and close smoothly while latching securely you may just be tired of the frustration and shop for new windows.

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Windows and Winter

You may raise your windows for fresh air and cooling breezes during the summer, but probably don’t think about them much during the winter. However, you should take the time to assure they function properly as they are an important part of your home and protection against the weather. If they aren’t properly installed and sealed, they can allow a cold draft into the home. Your heating bills soar and your comfort levels decrease. If you do realize you need new windows, consider their purposes and the options available.

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Benefits of New Windows in an Investment Home

You may have considered the value of new windows for your home, especially if you live in an older house, but what about for investment properties? Of course you want to keep your expenses low when flipping a house, but some ideas are well worth the value they provide. New windows can help a house sell faster and for more money, therefore making them an important consideration toward turning an investment property.

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How it Works: Your Home Top to Bottom

When you walk in your house, you have expectations of it being comfortable and safe. The temperature is how you like it and the rooms are dry. Electric outlets work and doors aren’t a nuisance which swing open or shut when you aren’t holding them. It’s more than just four walls and a roof. The entire house is a well thought out design plan in which each piece serves a specific function to protect you and your personal possessions against the elements in the shelter of a home.

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