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Design Versus Structure With A Staggered Window Replacement Strategy

If you live in an older home, you’re familiar with the charm and comfort it provides with its nuances and imperfections. However, for functionality you likely understand the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs. Nowhere does this hold more true than when it comes to replacing outdated windows to improve the home’s appearance and provide efficiency by improving the insulation and power bill. Ideally you may want to replace all the windows at once, but if budget considerations require you stagger the replacements over a few years you’ll want to consider the order in which you replace them.

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Patio Door Styles and Their Advantages: French, Sliding, Outward Opening

Like everything else in your home, you have plenty of design options for your patio doors. Some choices may be determined by budget, others may be determined by the layout of your home, while you may simply prefer one style over another. Each major style presents distinct advantages to consider before replacing or installing new patio doors.

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Pollen, Dust and Rainwater Runoff: How to Keep Your Views Clean in Summer

You bought a nice house, you keep it nice and all your friends comment on how clean it is. Yet the windows invariably develop a fuzzy haze every summer, covered in dust, pollen and grimy rainwater storm runoff. There is a solution with a few life hacks to keep your windows sparkly clean and your view through them unimpeded.

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Entry Doors With Personality

An entry door allows access into your home, or prevents it when closed. This door can control the atmosphere within a given space by keeping the heat inside during the winter, or letting a fresh breeze through in the summer.  It also plays an aesthetic role in creating an impression of what lies beyond. As such, the fusion of artistry and engineering has produced a veritably endless fount of door styles and configurations.

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Using Shutters To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Whether you are trying to sell your home or you just want to have the best looking residence in your neighborhood, the exterior of a property gets noticed first by people as they pass by. Using vinyl shutters to improve the way your home looks can utilize an often-overlooked aspect of its exterior. This allows you to emphasize your windows in order to provide a pleasing visual effect. 


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Top 4 Benefits Of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are designed to have double sashes. This allows you to either open the top window all the way or the bottom window all the way. You also have the flexibility to open both the top and bottom portions of the window halfway. Double hung windows provide homeowners with a number of benefits that just aren't seen in other types of windows. 

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The Structural Importance of Gutters

Gutters are more than decorative pieces, and they function on a more important level than simply keeping the flow of water off your head as you walk in and out from the edge of your roof on a rainy day. They hold a structural importance. Water can cause damage if not kept under control, so properly installed gutters direct the flow to where it won’t cause damage to your house.


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New Options For Patio Doors

Modern patio doors have new options available that can fit your lifestyle and home design. You no longer have to sacrifice security for function or vice-versa. The new doors on the market offer both when properly installed along with the cosmetic appeal you expect a contractor to apply that fits with the design of your home.

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Top 4 Ways New Entry Doors Make Your Home Better

The exterior of your home -- from the way your yard is landscaped to how your Minnesota house looks as people are walking up sidewalk -- makes a distinct first impression. If you are like most homeowners, you want that first impression to be a positive one. Choosing the right exterior door is one such way to do so. As the entry to your home, replacing your entry door reaps you the following benefits: 

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Top 3 Reasons To Spring For Siding Replacement When You're Trying To Sell Your House

It is no secret that selling your home can feel like a gamble. There are so many variables that often seem to be out of your control. For example, is the housing market hot or subdued in your part of Minnesota? Is your home located in a desirable part of town? Many other questions come up as well. 

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