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Design Versus Structure With A Staggered Window Replacement Strategy

If you live in an older home, you’re familiar with the charm and comfort it provides with its nuances and imperfections. However, for functionality you likely understand the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs. Nowhere does this hold more true than when it comes to replacing outdated windows to improve the home’s appearance and provide efficiency by improving the insulation and power bill. Ideally you may want to replace all the windows at once, but if budget considerations require you stagger the replacements over a few years you’ll want to consider the order in which you replace them.

Pollen, Dust and Rainwater Runoff: How to Keep Your Views Clean in Summer

You bought a nice house, you keep it nice and all your friends comment on how clean it is. Yet the windows invariably develop a fuzzy haze every summer, covered in dust, pollen and grimy rainwater storm runoff. There is a solution with a few life hacks to keep your windows sparkly clean and your view through them unimpeded.

Quick Guide: Do I Need New Windows ?

There are many reasons to get new windows in your home. The first thing you’ll notice is the aesthetic change that new windows bring to a home. Warmth, richness, and architectural impact are what you see first. The increased luminosity can help bring spaces alive, in addition to increasing your home’s energy efficiency. But looks aside, what are some other signs that you might need window replacement?

Windows Frozen Shut? Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Even during the heart of winter, you may have to open your home’s windows. Perhaps you’ve burned dinner to a crisp or need to adjust that satellite dish on the roof. But when you go to crack the window, you get resistance. The window is frozen shut.

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