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Window World

Window World Started as A Small Business In 1995, And Has Grown to Be The Largest Replacement Company In The United States.

Here's Why We're So Successful

Before Window World there really were two options for replacement windows:

Group 1: “Replace Your Windows With Windows that Are Almost Exactly the Same As Your Old Ones (So I’ll get a Sales Commission)

One group of windows was cheap and so poorly constructed that they had almost no impact on utility and savings.

Group 2: “I Must Have Not Heard You Right…You Want HOW MUCH to Replace My Windows?”

The other group was fueled by a group of highly trained slick salesmen that used gimmicks to sell overpriced windows: they’d tell you that the window was about $1,200, but then they’d start to pile in bogus discounts and high pressure techniques that would coax you into paying ridiculously high prices.

HONESTLY, We're Surprised Nobody Thought of It Sooner

Leon Whitworth Got an Idea: Offer Great Window at a Low Price (Sounds Simple… But It Works!)

With this recipe for success, Window World began to grow by selecting the “best of the best” window dealers throughout the nation. Window World dealers must pass strict business guidelines and abide by the highest levels of business integrity. What began as an idea now spans the continent: we combine state of the art technology, superior materials, and attractive designs make Window World the leading window replacement company in Minnesota.

Window World Serves Homes In the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, and Surrounding Areas

Window World Twin Cities and Window World St. Cloud are locally owned and represent the 77th and 78th dealers in a national family of that numbers more than 155 Window World offices spanning 18 states… and we’re still growing.  In fact, Window World is the largest window replacement company in the United States and one of the largest home improvement companies in America. Each location is locally owned and operated. This insures each customer that his or her project gets the individual attention it deserves. Our owners and their personnel receive in depth training on a monthly basis to keep them on the leading edge of the industry. We know that in Minnesota, we still see each other as good neighbors, and in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and St. Cloud, good news travels fast. We know that we put our good name on the line with every job we do. That’s why we will work so hard to make sure that we do all we can to take care of you the right way.

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