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Insulated Wall System.

Our 6000 Series vinyl siding is is just what Minnesota homes need. With a higher R-value and an advanced lock and seal mechanism that protects your home and maintains straight lines, the 6000 Series is a groundbreaking upgrade to traditional siding.

Siding For the Discerning Homeowner – With A Practical Appeal

Compare our high-grade 6000 Series vinyl siding to lesser brands, and you’ll see a glaring difference. Other siding materials are basically re-ground vinyl. They perform almost like a standard plastic. Other vinyl siding can look fake and have uneven lines that can worsen and shift as your home expands and contracts with the weather.

Over time, low-grade siding develops gaps and dents that look bad and could even open up the envelope around your home and allow water, insects, and pests to invade and cause structural damage and require costly clean up and removal.

Cheap materials won’t hold color and will fade and may begin to crack in just a short time. Cheap, hollow siding planks can warp in extreme temperatures, and that can create chinks in the outside of your home and provide asylum for insects.

  • True Comfort: Keep your home’s interior comfortable with a thick layer of insulation around your home. Being warm in the winter and cool in the summer is so important to Minnesotans. Along with more regulated temperatures, you can improve the noise barrier within your home with new insulated siding.
  • Structural Integrity: Up to 1-¼” of EPS Insulation foam is bonded to this panel. It acts as a shock absorber to provide up to 300% more impact resistance than standard vinyl siding.
  • Eye-Catching Curb Appeal: When you combine rigid foam insulation with vinyl siding, you get a solid panel that looks and feels like traditional wood siding. Or 6” and 7” panels are broader than ordinary vinyl siding but still maintain their shape under pressure.
  • Peace of Mind: Backed by a V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty, Window World 6000 Vinyl Siding offers everything you need to create a quality exterior for years of carefree enjoyment.

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If your home could use an updated look, but you don’t have cash on hand, we have financing options that can make the cost of updating your home very comfortable. So, now you can get a well tailored look and even use the money you save on lower energy bills to pay for the siding. Talk about a great investment!

Have lower energy bills without giving up comfort. If you want to learn how this extraordinary siding can keep you comfortable, Call (651) 770-5570

If You’re Even Thinking About Siding, See What Prodigy Insulated Siding Can Do Through Those Cold Minnesota Winters There’s simply no comparison between the performance of standard vinyl siding with the Mind-Blowing R-value of Our High Performance Prodigy Insulated Siding. Our ultra-efficient siding not only looks great – it Can Change Your Home Into an Energy Saving Hub Your Neighbors That Could Just Make You The Talk of the Neighborhood

Stop Burning Cash – Get First Class Energy – Saving Siding That Makes Energy Bills Easy On Your Pocketbook

Thicker Insulation for Tough Minnesota Weather: Nothing keeps your home snug and warm quite like TrueForm™ one-piece insulated siding. When you choose Prodigy Siding, you can have the thickest foam currently available in the industry (up to 1-1/2″ thick). In fact, our insulated siding is so effective, it’s like putting your entire home in a giant cooler: the insulation adds as much as R-value of 5.0 with its EPS foam thermal barrier. Your home will stay warmer in the winter, and helps keep your home nice and cool in the humid Minnesota summer heat. Some customers report savings of up to 30% on energy bills.

Updating to energy efficient insulated siding to your home and adding energy-efficient windows will significantly lower your utility bills, too.

This siding offers all the advantages that come with ultra-durable vinyl siding: they are a permanent fix to traditional wood siding. They’ll never rot, crack, or require paint – EVER.

“Our Utility Bills Are Much Lower Than They Were Before The Siding Was Installed…” Our exclusive warranty guarantees the siding won’t dent, crack, or chip …. Or we’ll replace it. FREE. FOREVER.

Insulated Siding Advantages

It doesn’t fade, crack, splinter, or warp – and it’s almost impossible to dent.
The foam backing can help you save enough on your energy bills to actually cover the entire cost of the siding.
It is flame-resistant, so it can increase the safety of your home.
The material acts as an insect deterrent.
It’s affordable (especially with our flexible financing)
Written product and labor warranties exceeding industry standards
Materials Aren’t The Only Thing You Need To Consider! While we’re there, feel free to ask us about other critical issues like insurance, warranty, service guarantees and the reliability of our company.

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